Selfishness being a Virtue Homework Example

Selfishness being a Virtue Homework Example This world can be faced with a problem, a problem that masquerades as a virtue, a good that good ?ndividuals are expected to maintain and show. In America and even across the world, right from the start of time, humans have positioned great worth and admiration in altruistic behavior, conduct that helps some and not one self. Our culture is certainly invaded ‘by a tabu on selfishness. We are explained that to always be selfish is certainly sinful knowning that to love some others is virtuous’ (Fromm 119). While charity and commiseration have undeniable benefits on the human race, how come do men and women glorify self-sacrifice and humbleness, destructive manners and thoughts, as being suitable, and self-love as bad? Selflessness prevails as a virtue; selfishness, a new sin. People need to realize in addition to acknowledge selfishness, or

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